Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashionista Fridays: Two-strand twist rod set

Hola ladies!

     So I actually did this style earlier this week! Loved the results! It's a great spin on typical two-strand twist. FYI if you are wondering these are the same twist that I installed two weeks ago with the Blue Magic. I just spritzed with water and rolled!


Yesterday I finally took the twist down, washed, conditioned and but 10 jumbo braids in with the intent of doing a braid-out today...hoooooowever, I don't feel this day is worth of seeing a braid-out (maybe Monday?) so I'll be wiping out one of my handy-dandy wigs for work today #NOSHAMEINMYGAME!

Anywho..hope you all are enjoying your Friday!

**Reminder** If you would like me to post scholarships/internships for your major please leave a comment saying what your major is and I will post them for Scholarly Sundays!

Peash <3


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