Monday, February 10, 2014

At home juicing: Martian Juice?

Hey guys! It's almost juicing season!! I met Kaniel16 via Youtube in the midst of my man hunt to find other Youtubers joining the Air Force! A few weeks ago he posted a video of his recipe to what he calls "Martian Juice" and I thought I'd have a swing at it! Enjoy!

Kaniel16's video:

Fun facts

  • Kaniel16 lives in Jamaica; isn't social media AWESOME!?
  • Some how I feel like sharing that I'm not wearing foundation in this video is relevant...
  • I have three roommates who do not know I'm a Youtuber...I think THEY think I sit in a room and talk to myself all day...which is only true to a certain extent :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dry Flexi Rod Set


My hair was dry and stretched from a week old flat iron. I wrapped medium sized pieces around the orange flexi rods (not sure what size they are) using mousse for hold. I let it sit over night.

(The initial take down; not separated) 

(I put my hair in pin curls when I went to the gym that morning.)

Post workout AND shower :)
oh yeeeaaa!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hair Texture

This is why I don't wash and go...

My hair texture is pretty interesting...If I had to categorize my hair texture(s), I would say that its a 4a, 3c blend (My looser, wavy, texture is in the front). As you can see from the picture above, I have an S curl, but in some placed there's definitely a spiral as well.

The "problem" is, my texture isn't really defined. I have frizzy curls-- all of my curls don't lump and lay together. The only product that attempted to clump my curls together was the Terressentials mud wash. But it never would be defined enough to where out as a hair style.

To be honest it's only a "problem' since I can't do wash and I just don't do them lol. I've just accepted my texture for what it is and work with it as best I can.

I think this is something a lot of newly naturals need to recognize-- sometimes we just have to accept our hair for what it is.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Do: Cornrows

How old am I? Eight? This could be my inner tomboy resurfacing...or pure laziness as a result of my senior semester pandemonium. Help. Me.
I blew my hair out prior.

I was locked into two strand twist mode for about two wasn't cute..nor did it suffice the time I needed to be working on other things..other than my hair.

Thought about a sew-in so I would actually still look like something, but I'm still suffering through image issue and constant "lump and bump" paranoia about wearing one. Literally everyone on campus is running around with some variation of poetic justice braids or marley twists and what can I say...I'm an individual...

The most exciting part is :) all that hair that you see in these pictures :) it's AAALLL mine :) I remember before when I would get cornrows I'd always have to add hair to be satisfied with the length. It was refreshing to see my hair like this...because I never have! COMPLETELY compromises for the fact that I look and feel like a 14-year-old Bow Wow..but life goes on and hair grows long.

I do NOT brush, moisturize, comb, gel, anything to my "baby hairs" honest to God...they just lay that way *shrugs*

Post blowing it out it took no time; about an hour and a half max. As someone said on Facebook, my edges are "snatched" (not quite sure how I feel about that comment yet). As my "kitchen beautician" was doing them it didn't feel tight but upon peeping in the mirror immediately God willing I'm pushing for 2-3 weeks. Not exactly sure what my "regimen" will be as far as tending to them...the plan for now is just to douse the ends in oil everyday and sleep with a satin bonnet. The End.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Miley Cyrus did to black women at the VMAs

Her Performance:

But I'm sure you already saw that. As an African-American woman, I don't find being rachet or overly sexualized "cool" in any manner. There are so many women like myself out there trying to break the stereotype that black women are more than overly sexualized object. And now we have good ol' Miley Cyrus trying to make twerking the -_-. So body should have pulled the curtain when she stepped out the limo...If that wasn't modern day minstrelsy then I don't know what is...

The highlight for me was Ms. Rihanna's face during the performance....

So many potential captions, so little little time. Honestly I would have been more interesting in seeing Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith's reaction. I'm anticipating words of wisdom from that camp pretty soon...I hope.

What peaked my interest today was this article. Here's a little snap shot that I believe hits the nail right on the head. Shout out the the author, because I've really been waiting for someone to address then because initially I thought it was just me...but of course not...

But seriously...who really put her up to this performance and gave her the stamp of approval!? Even if we take out the idea that this was pretty much racist, it was just an over all distasteful performance. Her awkward, long legged, gangster bob was just not doing it for me -_-. I've seen far too many facebook posts saying that Miley's on some HARD drugs. I'm just utterly embarrassed.. Do better Miley...for Rih Rih sake *looks at picture again* smh

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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