Monday, April 23, 2012

WTH!? Where have I been?!

I know I know...where have I been...

I dropped Dellvin (I have a Dell inspiron and after all the trouble it's been giving me I decided to name it..."DELLvin)...So anyways I dropped him and the wifi stopped working so I haven't had access to the internet since Thursday -___- I don't even know how I'm still alive right now!

Anywho! Today I will do random updates to catch you all up! SOOO much has been on my mind! We will return to our regular schedule tomorrow with TASTY TUESDAYS num num num :)

Be Easy <3

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thriller Thursdays: Throwback

       This is from Spring 2008 I believe? My younger brother and I were getting ready to do the Dolphin Encounter in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Carnival Cruise Line's private island). He was pretty uncomfortable with the whole situation about 1. Getting in water (he was about 4 or 5 years old and hadn't learned to swim) and 2. being in the water with creature bigger than him.

        I can't lie, I was a little apprehensive myself. I didn't remember the dolphins at Sea World being as big as the ones they had there! But it was an awesome experience! The water...FREEZING! That was my only complaint (I do not like cold in ANY form :(. Eventually my little brother warmed up enough to feed them. It was adorable! It was like she knew that he was a small person so she took her time and was very careful to receive the fish from him *tear* PRICELESS!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

W.o.W: Pump Up the Volume!

I had to turn the speed down to take the picture but I ran 1.62 in 20mins at 5.0 :)

On Sunday I decided to create a challenge for myself. Monday through Friday I would have to do 40mins of cardio everyday. It's Wednesday...and I can gladly say that i'm doing great thus far!

Monday I did 10mins on the tread and 30 on the elliptical.

Tuesday...I set a record...

I never EVER thought I'd be able to run for more than about 10mins at a time. But Tuesday I noticed something. I was stopping the treadmill at 10mins out of habit. In January I'd stop the treadmill barely at 10 because I'd be about to fall out LoL! Tuesday I noticed I wasn't legs and joints were even aching. So I decided to push myself. I made it to 20 and while I did feel a little burn in my shins I felt great! I wasn't hyperventilating or anything!

It was such a proud moment for me! Just another example for myself to show hard work really does pay off! I did the same thing this morning just take make sure it wasn't a random burst lol! SUCCESS.

By Friday I want to aim for about 30 mins..pray lol

Workout Wednesdays: Good-bye Bodyrock, Hello ZWOW!

Zuzanna is back!

I'm TOOOO excited! Thank you so much Chris (GM2 viewer) for telling me about this! Apparently Zuz's been  doing her own thing and has left in the dust! No...really...

I thought I was one of the only people who were not to found of the new hosts but based on all the action I've been seeing on FB, ALOT of people prefer Zuzana over...oh yea oh yea Lisa and...Sean?..sry...I really had to think about it...

Aaaannnywho! Looks like I'm a tad bit late with ZWOW because after back tracking on the 'Tube, it looks like Zuz's been posting these workouts since January. My question is...why wasn't this announced via Maybe they knew that'd lose like..a bazillion followers? They couldve at least shouted her house in a video or mentioned it on the site..nothing.

No matter the case, now I'm entirely ready for the summer's 100 degree plus weather :)


This will be my last rant as far a'll try and make it short and sweet, but this is basically this has reinforced why I decided to stop following them as much....

Besides the fact that I'm just not enthused,motivated, or enthused by the new hosts her latest transformation has just completely turned me off. If there was the slightest hope that I'd be going back to "bodyrock", it's gone now. I repeat, we are all entitled to our own opinions!

If it's not apparent, Lisa got a Boob job and it now sporting lengthy extensions. The change has completely caused friction between B.Rock FB fans. Some people like it, a lot of people don't. 

Here was my response on FB to the (2nd) picture:

"Your transformation is a contradiction to what I thought stood for...granted I do prefer Zuzana, the one thing I did admire about you was your naturalness..I thought "no she doesn't have big boobs or long hair but she's repin' for the girls who don't..she's braking the cookie cutter image" you're just falling in line with everyone else...Do you realize that now plenty of people feel like despite all the "bodyrocking" they've been doing, the only way they can really be fit if they had long hair and huge fake tits...(Lol stay home and workout so you can save money to "beautify" yourself) I'm starting to feel like what's the point of all the hard work if at the end of the day you still have to go out and buy silicon and hair to make your self satisfied and complete..But hey..if that's what you wanted then round of applause "Cookie" :) If this is what it took to finally make yourself feel complete then good for you. I thought this was a place to inspire people..I wonder how many people saw this and now think less of themselves because even though they've been working their asses they can't afford fake boobs or hair extensions so it's all useless...and for all you's called a "social network" for a reason! We all are entitles to our own opinions...duh."

I repeat, we are all entitled to our own opinions!

I think this lady said it best though:

Vanessa Sykes You use to watch this site inspired by something that was achievable naturally and with hard work. Its sad to know that Lisa is a role model for many women young and old, the message she is sending now is not a very good one in my opinion.
22 hours ago ·  ·  20

Some of you all may find this a little hypocritical of me since every now and then I'll rock a weave myself. But I think I'm more upset about the implants. As a woman about to enter the fitness model empire I will say that I have tolerance for fake tatas...but that's not something I'm really interested in for myself. I believe in hard work and self satisfaction, especially when it comes to your body. Shouldn't need this stuff to feel beautiful. By truly accepting the raw image of you...that's truly loving yourself...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: A day in the life of a vegetarian fitness model [in the making]

Produce I picked up from the Farmer's Market Saturday!
Totaled up to about $15!! Go me!

Yes I'm still on this vegetarian kick! For the last 2 weeks I've been getting down in the the kitchen! Ever since I regained access to the farmers market I've been exploring all types of new recipes.

Some people have been wondering how I do it? How do I keep diversity while eating 5 small meals a day? To answer this question, I'll say that I look at each week as a challenge. I ask myself ",what haven't I tried yet?" 

When I'm at the farmer's market or the grocery store I look at fruits and veggies that are foreign to my household-- I don't by them immediately! (I'm leaving my impulse shopper tendencies in the dust!)--but I do go home and research recipes for the specific food and how I can incorporate it into my diet. Then, when I go back to the FM/GS, I may or may not purchase the new veggie; thus, the cycle continues!

Here's and example of what I usually consume on a daily basis:

Protein pancake, fruit topped with plain yogurt (pre-work out)
Egg in pepper, spinach and dried prunes (brunch)
Baked eggplant, pasta, and tomatoes (lunch/ early dinner option*5-6pm)
Orzo and spring veggies (I added zucchini this time YUM!) (lunch/ early dinner option*5-6pm)
Butternut squash and apple soup (light, late dinner option*7-8pm)
My focus is to watch portion sizes, to balance veggie and fruit, and to be cautious of when I'm eating what!
Also, I didn't post pix but I do snack! After I work out I make a protein shake and in between classes/ meals I will have my choice of carrot, almonds, hard boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, etc to get me through the day :) again, IN MODERATION!

And last but not least, LOTS OF WAATEERRR!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Motivation?

~Be the #goldfish damn it!~

Motivational Mondays: Gaining a sense of "you" part one...

For the next few weeks I want to focus on the concept of self discovery and focusing on who you are as an individual. For those of you who have been following the blog for sometime you know that I am a total introvert. I LOVE being alone. The essences of being alone literally is a high for me! It allows me to think clearly and also helps me energize. Ultimately, I believe my introvert tendencies have given me an advantage in discovering who I am (roughly even a lot faster than many of my extrovert peers. 

Today's lesson is extremely simple but very significant [And it goes a little something like this *scratches record] :

"If people treat you like a convenience, don't make them a priority."

Very simple indeed. I like to consider myself a very generous person. I love helping people. But at one point I really found myself being taken advantage of by people who I thought were really my friends. Long story short I had to start looking out for myself and giving with a little more moderation.

Remember, you are top priority before any man and even your close friends. Ultimately the only person that's looking out for you is you. If you invest all of your time and energy into a person then you are losing a sense of self. What happens when that person is ready to bounce? What happens when that person dogs you out? More than likely that person isn't investing themselves in you, they're investing themselves in themselves!

You are top priority. Knowing this gives you a sense of self worth. In turn, this can help boost your confident and even your Independence! But remember, this is only the beginning! Stay tuned for part 2 next Monday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scholarly Sundays: Black History & Loving the Skin You're In

I actually saw this documentary sometime last year. Loved it. Recently someone was doing a presentation in my Women's Literature class and she used a clip of this documentary to support her topic. I was very surprised by the number of people in my class who hadn't seen it, ESPECIALLY because I attend an HBCU and with the exception of about 3 people, everyone in the class is black. Therefore I wanted to share this video with you all today. I hope you all enjoy it and find it just as inspiring and motivational as I as well as other viewers have. 

We still have a long way to go...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spontaneous Saturday: Stuck in my head!

I haven't heard this song in FOREVER! But for the past two days it's been stuck in my head? Just a little throw back!

Could it be because these last few weeks of the semester are going by just as fast as Cherrelle is singing the days in this song? *wipes forehead*

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashionista Friday: Channeling the Innocents of Spring

Hair today

Two simple cornrows to the back. I tucked the ends underneath the opposite braid. Yes, protective styling is back already lol. 

Nails Today

The color is actually like a neon pink in person. I've been staring at this nail polish bottle to figure out what the name of the color is but i guess it doesn't want to be found out? The number on the bottom is 920 (Sinful  Colors $1.99)...oh's called "24/7" lol woooow anywho! The sparkle coat is Wet 'N Wild "Kaledoscope"($0.99). Super cute combo, fun and funky.


Soooo..I don't own this outfit lol But I do think it's a really cute get up! I have Similar pieces in my wardrobe  so I will be keeping this in mind for inspiration! Maybe I'll sport it tomorrow at the Farmer's Market? Just because? Lol yea I'm one of those gals sometimes! lol

Fashionista Fridays: Big Hair, Don't Care

This week I vowed to toss care to the wind and where my hair out after realizing I've literally been protective styling all year (thus far). I gotta admit, there's something about setting my outer ferocious beast free, that definitely sets my inner ferocious beast free.

I felt like I was on top of the world this week. I had some much confident! I was unusually talkative, extremely flirtatious and daringly adventurous. It's something about this hair man, that just sets EERRRthang off! Yes, I even put on a little lipstick :)

Day 1
Day 2

Day 4

I accomplished this braid out using my new found love...Blue Magic :) Before removing the 10 braids I did apply a little grape seed oil to my hair. On the night of day 3 I moisturized by lightly spritzing water to my hair (especially the ends) and adding a little more Blue Magic to the ends. I put my hair in 5 braids and took them out the following morning.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Traveler's Inspiration: Anthony Bourdain

Confession: There's something I find oddly attractive about this man. His boyish charm? His salt and pepper hair? His French heritage?'s probably his fluency in sarcasm :)

HIGHLY anticipating Anthony Bourdain's new season of No Reservations which premiers Monday (April 16 at 9pm (Travel channel).

This is one of my favorite show's. I'm saying, it's usually this, something on the Food Network, or the TV is o-f-f. I'm obsessed. I'm a fan of sarcasm, which this man oozes; but somewhere in between all of his naughty little jokes, there's a lot of learning.

Like many other Travel Channel shows, on No Reservations Bourdain visits a variety of international designations, experiences and appreciates each country's cultures, and usually leaves viewers (or maybe just me? neeeh) with an appetite to travel. What sets his show from the rest? I believe it's the rawness that he brings to television. He doesn't hold back. He shows what the people want to see, minus all the "foofy foofy" as I like to call it. I'm sure the FCC has called him out on a few things but as stated in Jay-z's N****s in Paris "It's provocative! It get's the people going!"

Peep the clip :)

Thriller Thursdays: Throwback

A few pix from Spring 2009 when I went horseback riding on the beach in Jamaica (Ochos Rio/ St. Ann). Major throwback as you can witness the relaxed hair ^_^

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Workout Wednesdays:

I really use to love these at home workouts when Zuzana (above) was over the some broad who recently O.D'ed silicone is doing it and she has this really annoying British accent (which is weird because I usually LOVE British accents!) Needless to say, I fell off. 

Every now and then I will go back and revisit some of the older videos with Zuzana. Everything about her is fab! Her accent, her body (even though she's sporting some unnatural least hers look natural though), and her over all attitude. I feel like the best online videos and even how-to tv shows (ie food network and travel channel) are best when though host truly loves what they're doing first and then share it with others second. 

Now with the new hosts of everything seems a little unnatural; like hey, they might really love what they're doing but what really matters is the views. They're doing all this unnecessary, extra stuff because they think it's funny or cute, like that's what people want to see -___- we want to see the workout!

During the summer I will probably venture back to mostly to beat the scorching heat, but also because you can do these workouts in the privacy of your own home and because it's free! However, I vow only to watch Zuzanas workouts <3 she's the best :)

Here's one of my favorites! Can you handle it?!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Water Challenge

This week I've been challenging myself to drink more water. A lot of my friends think this shouldn't be hard because I don't really drink anything else. On a daily basis I usually just drink hot tea (breakfast) and water for the rest of the day. I cut out soda way back in high school as an attempt to help get rid of acne, but that's another story (Fashionista Friday?). The only time I really buy juice is if I'm eating out. Somehow I've managed to subconsciously cut it out of my diet? 

Anywho, this challenged has been called to session after on of my friends frightened me about the damages of using protein without drinking enough water. I can't remember his exactly words but basically after taking protein he noticed an increase in blood pressure and it started to mess with his kidneys. 

First an foremost, I think we all know my now that I'm not a doctor so for serious and factual info you should probably refer to your personal physician :) Kay so know that we've gotten that out the way! 

I've personally decided to do this challenge because I personally don't feel like I'm taking in enough water daily. I'd usually only drink tea before my workouts and then I noticed that during my workouts I wouldn't even go through my whole liter of water (which I use to do). After working out I'd only drink my protein shake and run off to class. Between classes, lunch and dinner I would probably only drink another liter and a half of water.

The challenge I've made for myself:
  • Drink 24oz of water with my breakfast before working out (in addition to my hot tea)
  • Drink 1 liter drinking my workout
  • Drink 24oz after workout/ after protein shake
  • Drink 24oz with lunch/ dinner
  • Drink 1 liter between dinner and lunch
  • Drink 24oz before bed   
 I'm looking for this to improve my recovery, help with cravings, help with the appearance of skin, and balance out my protein intake! 

If you feel as though your water intake isn't sufficient, you are more than welcome to join the challenge!

The Farmer's Market is Back!

I haven't been to the farmer's market since before winter and I thoroughly miss it! Here are some goodies I got this trip! I will be continuing my trips there rather than buying produce from the grocery store (unless I can't find it). I'm totally for buying produce from locals. 1. It helps stimulate local business. 2. You know exactly where your food is coming from and most of the time it's all natural/organic. and 3. Most of the time you'll find cheaper deals. (I spent about $8 on what you see in the picture) no tax :)

Tasty Tuesdays: Sushi!

This was my cheat meal from last week. Saturday evening me and one of my close friends went out for sushi. If you count sea food as meat, this was the first time I've had meat in a while lol! This sushi were California rolls (crab meat) and in the bowl is a shrimp side. I guess it's kind of hard to ignore the large piece of chocolate cake ? It was a cheat well deserved and well eaten! 

My conrad (who isn't the health nut I am) swore that I shouldn't have felt guilty after eating this; that minus the massive "slice" of chocolate cake the meal was completely healthy -__-. That's when I pointed out that the rice on the sushi was white, the shrimp was breaded, fried and smothered in sauce, and that CAKE! smh!

Rather than taking the day off I came home, did some yoga, sit ups and a few push ups until I worked the guilt off. Needless to say it's been a VERY strict week lol! 

Tasty Tuesdays: Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

I mentioned I'd be doing Naptural85's Vegetarian stuffed peppers last month but I'm just getting around to it. They were totally worth the wait! And came out scrumptious!

*Homemade fruit and protein smoothie*

Those are vegan collard greens :)

Here's the original video she made:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Motivational Mondays: Throwing out "I can't"

I hope you're ready...'cause things just got real.

Lately I've been rejecting my own medicine. When I realized this, I can't tell you how disappointed I was with myself! I preach "Practice what you preach", but I wasn't practicing that. 

The obstacle? Even more embarrassing...writing. 
In order for me to graduate [period] I have to write 10 articles and they have to get published by school newspapers/ magazines or any newspaper/ magazine. Basically, I was developing this feel of having my stuff published. I literally would sit and come up with lame excuses as to why I "couldn't" do it, but became conflicting because just as soon as I thought I couldn't, I would discover a reason why I could. Make since?

For example, I would say to myself "I can't have my work published in the newspaper because my AP style writing is nowhere where it needs to be." A few seconds would past and then I would here my professors voice in my head saying "The editors will fix what you don't have a grasp on." or "Once you start getting more involved in the paper you'll get better at it". This would usually be followed by visions of the A's I've been receiving on articles I've written in class. 

Then there was the "I can't because they (newspaper/mag editors) won't give me a story." Response "Have you really been trying to get a story Jasmin? Have you done everything in your power to get a story?"

The latest one? "I just can't" Response? I actually could find one. I was literally raking my brain trying to figure out why I "just couldn't". Why? There's no reason why I couldn't write those even one article. 

Rather than staying in my comfort zone I decided to switch angles. Rather than going to the newspaper editors I went to the magazine editor who gave me a story not even an hour later, no questions asked. The story was due a few Sundays at midnight so I only had a few days to find some sources and put together a 1000 word article. Did I mention I know absolutely nothing about writing magazine articles (no really we haven't covered that chapter yet lol) and it's freaking Easter Sunday so I was pretty much on "e" because my story was a feature on a local black hair salon -___-. Yea...when it raise it pours! 

I challenged myself. Like in "Yes Man" if anyone's every seen that? Anywho, I told myself that I could do it.i forced myself into mentally thinking I could do it, feeling it in every bone n my body and pushing out any doubts that I couldn't. Don't get me did pour. Time was running short, I had to work two 8hr shifts this wee at work so that cut into time. The salon manager told me she wouldn't be able to do an interview Saturday because the Salon would be to busy...all the odds were against me. I just kept telling myself "Things will work their way out...they always do". I just kept telling myself "I can do this." 

Behold, as I am typing this it is now 12:31AM. The article is complete and I still have my sanity...I did it. I was able to get over my insecurity and..I did it :). 

Lesson (and now your challenge)? Dish out the words "I can't" but for real this time. Like it. There is absolutely nothing that can hold you back accept yourself....seriously....


Scholarly Sundays!

- Scholarships:

Nursing Scholarships:  There are multiple scholarships in this link! including:

  • NBNA
  • Minority Fellowship program

General scholarships:

- Internships:

-Journalism/Broadcast/Graphic design/Communications

**Don't forget!**
 If you did not see a scholarship/ internship here for your major please leave a comment below saying what your major is and look out for a scholarship and/or internship for that major next Sunday! Thank you and Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snooki Weighs 98lbs...MYOB!

~Chime Chime~

Ok soooo I my FB news feed has been blowing up with people reading the article via Social Reader (app) "Snooki finally reaches goal weight of 98lbs-- But has she gone too far?" To be honest, I haven't read the article and nor am I interested in reading the article. 

I may have slight understanding for those of you who have lived under a rock for the past what? Like two or three years and have never watched an episode of Jersey Shore...actually I don't because if you haven't at least seen one just lost a ton of cool points! AAAANYWHO...To my point.

For those of you who don't know, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is only 4'9" so I'm more than sure 98lbs is a healthy weight for her. As journalist, which last time I checked wasn't a medical profession, who are we to judge whether a persons weight is healthy or not anyways? It's one thing if the girl was 50lbs and her bones where ripping through her skin but that's not even the case! The girl looks good! 

Even though I'm entering the media profession myself, I wish they would mind their own business sometimes! Again, I'm not sure what the content of the article is but by the title of it, it didn't seem like it was going to put her in a positive light. I just had to come on and voice this...Just make sure you do your research can't believe everything you hear/ read. 

My Idols: Tanji Johnson

Um duh...she's pure awesomeness!

I'm not going to lie, Tanji is a little big 9muscle-wise of course) for me personally! But I figure it's always good to set your goals high! What I love about her is that she represents us and she does it well! There are only a sprinkle of black women in the industry and the fact that she's top knotch! Smh I'm taken back! Something else I find admirable about her is her balance for spirituality in her career. She doesn't take credit for her work, she clearly let's her audience know that God is the reason behind all her success.

Good job Tanji! We love you!

Men to love: Gospel Artist Fabrice

This is actually one of my high school classmates!  #Bragatude 
Check him out! I didn't even know the HS basketball star could sing 0_o lol!?
It's always nice to see a classmate that you haven't seen in a while doing something positive!

Blogs to love: MyNaturalSistas

Click Here To check out their tumblr!
I love them! They have great energy and are very inspirational. These natural sistas like me, cover all grounds in their blog from natural hair, to fashion, to fitness! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashionista Fridays: Two-strand twist rod set

Hola ladies!

     So I actually did this style earlier this week! Loved the results! It's a great spin on typical two-strand twist. FYI if you are wondering these are the same twist that I installed two weeks ago with the Blue Magic. I just spritzed with water and rolled!


Yesterday I finally took the twist down, washed, conditioned and but 10 jumbo braids in with the intent of doing a braid-out today...hoooooowever, I don't feel this day is worth of seeing a braid-out (maybe Monday?) so I'll be wiping out one of my handy-dandy wigs for work today #NOSHAMEINMYGAME!

Anywho..hope you all are enjoying your Friday!

**Reminder** If you would like me to post scholarships/internships for your major please leave a comment saying what your major is and I will post them for Scholarly Sundays!

Peash <3

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thriller Thursdays: Living Social & Groupon

It's time to live like a star!

Living Social and Groupon have become my two new best friends within the last year or so. If your looking for great deals on adventures then you definitely need to get on at least on of these.

I can't say that I favor one over the other because they both constantly have excellent deals whether your looking into getting a spa treatment, finding a fun activity to do during the weekend (ie bowling, jet skiing, etc) or even if your looking for international vacations! I do believe, however, that one company may not have the same locations as the other; so you may want to see if Groupons and/or Living Social provides deals in your city.

I'm a sucker for the spa treatments! I've purchased massages and waxes (just to name a few) for up to 80% off! I've also got a few deals for some food joints (pay $15 for $30 worth of food). All kinds of stuff! What's also pretty cool is that you can purchase a deal as a gift! Tooootally bought my mom a massage last Christmas for nearly half the price!

So how does it work?

  1. You sign up on the website(s) by submitting your email. They're not going to spam you I promise! least they haven't spammed me! This is simply so that they can send you deals on a daily basis. (I used the gmail account on my phone so I don't miss a beat!) 
  2. You see a deal that you want (hhmmm maybe a weekend trip to New York?) and purchase it!
  3. After you purchase it a voucher will be saved in you..voucher folder and will also be emailed to you.
  4. When you are ready to use your voucher you can print it out and take it to the place where you will be enjoying your activity. Some companies will even let you show them the voucher on the phone if your into saving trees and stuff. Just call and make sure they accept voucher electronically.
  5. Enjoy! Duh!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Workout Wednesday: "Look at that body...I WORK OUT!"

I may have to get on this Instagram thing? My friend shot these pix of me last Saturday while we were at the gym. Now those are some arms!

I've noticed that lately my body is getting use to the work out I've been doing so this week I've switched things up a bit to kick things up a notch. I made Monday a cardio day (20 mins on the treadmill and 20 on the elliptical); I also did a little abs. I'm keeping Tuesdays and Thursdays designated for arms (I do 20 minutes of cardio before lifting). Wednesday (today yay!) I did 20 minutes of cardio and legs. Instead of just lifting weights I got on the floor and started using my own body weight via lunges and squats (I've reeeallly felt this today!) Fridays will still be circuit..I do a little bit of everything.

In other news *wipes forehead* I've started looking into some fitness model/ bikini competitions! While I haven't found any that will be in my city, I have found some that are between 3 to 6 hours away. Hey, at least it'll make for a good road trip?   

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Orzo and Spring Veggie Goodness

I came across this recipe in my Youtube "feed" (?) and boy am I glad I did! Of course what ultimately attracted me to this dish was the fact that it's vegetarian <3 even though the video alone was spunky enough to make me want to try it!

I really loved the incorporation of the different veggies. I tried to buy everything fresh but I could find peas so I bought them frozen and I ended up tossing out the arugula because I couldn't find that either. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about working with wine on the stove since I saw that episode of Jersey Shore where Snookie damn near set the kitchen on fire, but everything went superb.

This dish is so clean yet earthy. The garlic, the lemon, and the wine make a great team! I really felt like I out did myself lol! It was so delicious! I literally felt like I had brought home a to-go box from a restaurant. It was such and easy recipe and the best part? Most of the ingredients are pretty inexpensive.   

For details including ingredients and instructions check out the videos description box! 

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