Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Things I Wish Guys Would Stop Doing

1. Wearing Do-Rags in Public
Yes fellas, we love your waves!! But do-rags became don't- rags a looong time ago! Save it for bed time, you don't want to see us running aroung with our satin bonnets and scarf on in public and we don't want to see it your funky head dresses either. It's just tacky *smh*.

2. Sagging Pants
This fashion has always been a no-no ,but as I look around campus, things have just been getting OUT OF CONTROL! Not only are guys exposing their backsides, but front sides as well! I don't need to see the outline of your butt, it's crack, or anything else you maybe stashing down there!
Now I'm not saying you have to go Urkel, but have a little respect for yourself and for us ladies too.

3. Confessing They Liked Us at the Last Minute
Why is it that guys wait until graduation, we have a boyfriend, or we're moving cross country
to tell us that they like us? Come on! LoL majority of the time we're totally into you so
just put on your big boy pants and say something already!

4. Simply put...LYING 
The world would be such a better place if guys stop lying! If you cheated just come out and
say it, especially if your girl has proof that you did! If your trying to do a
"Hit and Run" admit it! Lying not only jacks up communication (whether your in a relationship or not), but it
also wastes a lot of time on our part and on yours. And you never know,
sometimes our agendas aren't too far off from yours...(emphasis on the sometimes!) lol

5. Being Cheap
I have to be extremely careful with this one I know =) lol! This is not to say that we're "Gold Diggers" ,
but every once in a wild a lady likes to be treated like...well a lady. We're not asking
you to spill your whole bank accounts out to us, but we want to feel special. You can sit in your
room and watch movies with your homies anytime, you probably go to McDonald's every other day.
Extraordinary moments don't go unappreciated. The guys who have GOOD game are
the ones who know how to stretch their cash and spend it wisely. =)
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