Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashionista Fridays: Blue Magic Hair Grease

 Some of you aren't going to like this post just because of the title. I'm expecting some people to give me extensive lectures on why I shouldn't use this product and I'm also prepared to be called a hypocrite (as I too believed that such a disgrace to the natural hair world). But please...bare with me...and pull out your open minded caps.

Upon taking out my mini twist earlier this week I went through the "I need to buy a new product" phase. With other natural icons including Curlynikki, AfricanExports and NaturalChic coming out and confessing their use of hair grease that contained "no-no" ingredients like petroleum and mineral oil I can't lie..I became a little curious.

What had me sold on revisiting some of these products was the fact that everyone who had success using them said they weren't putting the product near their scalp which kept the scalp build up free, which means no clogging of pores, no slowing of hair growth, etc. Moreover, they claimed these products to be the ULTIMATE sealant.

So yesterday while picking up some conditioner (Hello Hydration) I ventured to the "ethnic hair section" and picked up some Blue Magic (coconut) hair grease. One, its a product that I'm familiar with; my mom use to use it on my hair as a child. Two, it was only $2.99 for a 12oz jar.

It's only been on day but dare I say it? I think my hair loves this stuff :( LoL. After rinsing my conditioner out I didn't add anything to my hair so I could see how the raw product would work on my hair. You know when you put product in your hair and it just feels right... :( It was too good to be true! And was true! It gave me sealed in the moisture, added light hold, provided slip AND added shine! (I applied it to each [wet] section of hair as I twisted. 

Long sigh, it's going to be an adjustment mentally, but before I make the final decision on whether this will be a stable or not, I'm going to see how things go for the next week or two. 

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog from the Orange, Green & Natural page, love it!

    I've noticed that a lot of naturals with longer hair use grease. It makes sense as a sealer because it doesn't let anything out, and since your hair is so long, there's not really much of a chance of it getting/sitting on your scalp. I'm pretty sure that once I'll use it to also, once I'm out of this twa stage.

    Just my 2¢ :)


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