Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: A day in the life of a vegetarian fitness model [in the making]

Produce I picked up from the Farmer's Market Saturday!
Totaled up to about $15!! Go me!

Yes I'm still on this vegetarian kick! For the last 2 weeks I've been getting down in the the kitchen! Ever since I regained access to the farmers market I've been exploring all types of new recipes.

Some people have been wondering how I do it? How do I keep diversity while eating 5 small meals a day? To answer this question, I'll say that I look at each week as a challenge. I ask myself ",what haven't I tried yet?" 

When I'm at the farmer's market or the grocery store I look at fruits and veggies that are foreign to my household-- I don't by them immediately! (I'm leaving my impulse shopper tendencies in the dust!)--but I do go home and research recipes for the specific food and how I can incorporate it into my diet. Then, when I go back to the FM/GS, I may or may not purchase the new veggie; thus, the cycle continues!

Here's and example of what I usually consume on a daily basis:

Protein pancake, fruit topped with plain yogurt (pre-work out)
Egg in pepper, spinach and dried prunes (brunch)
Baked eggplant, pasta, and tomatoes (lunch/ early dinner option*5-6pm)
Orzo and spring veggies (I added zucchini this time YUM!) (lunch/ early dinner option*5-6pm)
Butternut squash and apple soup (light, late dinner option*7-8pm)
My focus is to watch portion sizes, to balance veggie and fruit, and to be cautious of when I'm eating what!
Also, I didn't post pix but I do snack! After I work out I make a protein shake and in between classes/ meals I will have my choice of carrot, almonds, hard boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, etc to get me through the day :) again, IN MODERATION!

And last but not least, LOTS OF WAATEERRR!!!

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