Thursday, April 12, 2012

Traveler's Inspiration: Anthony Bourdain

Confession: There's something I find oddly attractive about this man. His boyish charm? His salt and pepper hair? His French heritage?'s probably his fluency in sarcasm :)

HIGHLY anticipating Anthony Bourdain's new season of No Reservations which premiers Monday (April 16 at 9pm (Travel channel).

This is one of my favorite show's. I'm saying, it's usually this, something on the Food Network, or the TV is o-f-f. I'm obsessed. I'm a fan of sarcasm, which this man oozes; but somewhere in between all of his naughty little jokes, there's a lot of learning.

Like many other Travel Channel shows, on No Reservations Bourdain visits a variety of international designations, experiences and appreciates each country's cultures, and usually leaves viewers (or maybe just me? neeeh) with an appetite to travel. What sets his show from the rest? I believe it's the rawness that he brings to television. He doesn't hold back. He shows what the people want to see, minus all the "foofy foofy" as I like to call it. I'm sure the FCC has called him out on a few things but as stated in Jay-z's N****s in Paris "It's provocative! It get's the people going!"

Peep the clip :)

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