Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Workout Wednesday: "Look at that body...I WORK OUT!"

I may have to get on this Instagram thing? My friend shot these pix of me last Saturday while we were at the gym. Now those are some arms!

I've noticed that lately my body is getting use to the work out I've been doing so this week I've switched things up a bit to kick things up a notch. I made Monday a cardio day (20 mins on the treadmill and 20 on the elliptical); I also did a little abs. I'm keeping Tuesdays and Thursdays designated for arms (I do 20 minutes of cardio before lifting). Wednesday (today yay!) I did 20 minutes of cardio and legs. Instead of just lifting weights I got on the floor and started using my own body weight via lunges and squats (I've reeeallly felt this today!) Fridays will still be circuit..I do a little bit of everything.

In other news *wipes forehead* I've started looking into some fitness model/ bikini competitions! While I haven't found any that will be in my city, I have found some that are between 3 to 6 hours away. Hey, at least it'll make for a good road trip?   

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