Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashionista Friday: Channeling the Innocents of Spring

Hair today

Two simple cornrows to the back. I tucked the ends underneath the opposite braid. Yes, protective styling is back already lol. 

Nails Today

The color is actually like a neon pink in person. I've been staring at this nail polish bottle to figure out what the name of the color is but i guess it doesn't want to be found out? The number on the bottom is 920 (Sinful  Colors $1.99)...oh's called "24/7" lol woooow anywho! The sparkle coat is Wet 'N Wild "Kaledoscope"($0.99). Super cute combo, fun and funky.


Soooo..I don't own this outfit lol But I do think it's a really cute get up! I have Similar pieces in my wardrobe  so I will be keeping this in mind for inspiration! Maybe I'll sport it tomorrow at the Farmer's Market? Just because? Lol yea I'm one of those gals sometimes! lol

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