Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anti-World Star Hip-Hop

If I can be completely frank and blunt...What idiot created this website? No seriously?? 

I feel like black people already carry the stigma of so why would we need something like this to make it even harder for us to accumulate a more positive reputation? I mean think about...Have you heard of any other race that has a website dedicated to make them look like fools?

It's sad...It's just really sad because we'll sit there and support this kind of non-sense from people fighting in public to people twit picing the most ridiculous fashions. How can we expect to gain respect from other races when we can't even respect ourselves? Please do better people! Because you're making it harder for people who are trying to shed positive light on African-Americans. 

I Heart Spring Break!: Key West, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica!

Yes! Spring is here! It's the season for pretty pastels, beautiful blossoms and of course VACATION! While most of my colleagues took the typical trip to Panama city for Spring Break I had the luxury of going on a cruise! Now the only reason I semi feel the need to brag about this is because while many people thought they couldn't afford to take a trip like this...they really could! 

It's an unfortunate phenomenon that seems to happen every semester: Students get there refund check or "net check" and BLOW IT on all kinds of ridiculousness. Some people go straight to the mall, some people go to the club every weekend, WHATEVER! NOT ME!

Traveling is something that I have become extremely passionate about; especially international travel. My Family was fortunate enough to be able to expose me to it, so it was no surprise that I would end up loving it! This years destination(S): Key West, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica!

It was definitely a wonderful experience! From snorkeling with 4ft Tarpons (fish) to climbing the beautiful Dunns Riverfalls, international travel is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience! So before you go blowing that check, make the vision, plan ahead and go through with it! I see a safari, Congo drums and Pyramids in my you?
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