Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Massive updates: Competition number 1..Complete!

Forgive me! I think I am finally coming off of my competition high...but not really..lol 
Here is a short video I created from the show and some pix as well...

Even though I didn't when the experience was a-maz-ing! Even if you don't have the guts to get up on stage, I highly encourage you to go see a show if you haven't already! The atmosphere is so empowering! Seeing so many fierce women who where muscular and shapely, yet sexy at the same time smh!! It was crazy! I'm so proud to be a woman! We are so strong and beautiful! It's just bananas! 

I'm glad to say that this is also only the beginning of my journey! Thank you all not only for being so patient with me, but also joining me on this journey! You all give me so much support! Please believe, I'll continue to share the love!

That being said, we are officially 103 days away from my next competition! I hope you all will stay with me and are just as excited as I am!


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