Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Workout Wednesdays: Good-bye Bodyrock, Hello ZWOW!

Zuzanna is back!

I'm TOOOO excited! Thank you so much Chris (GM2 viewer) for telling me about this! Apparently Zuz's been  doing her own thing and has left in the dust! No...really...

I thought I was one of the only people who were not to found of the new hosts but based on all the action I've been seeing on FB, ALOT of people prefer Zuzana over...oh yea oh yea Lisa and...Sean?..sry...I really had to think about it...

Aaaannnywho! Looks like I'm a tad bit late with ZWOW because after back tracking on the 'Tube, it looks like Zuz's been posting these workouts since January. My question is...why wasn't this announced via Maybe they knew that'd lose like..a bazillion followers? They couldve at least shouted her house in a video or mentioned it on the site..nothing.

No matter the case, now I'm entirely ready for the summer's 100 degree plus weather :)


This will be my last rant as far a'll try and make it short and sweet, but this is basically this has reinforced why I decided to stop following them as much....

Besides the fact that I'm just not enthused,motivated, or enthused by the new hosts her latest transformation has just completely turned me off. If there was the slightest hope that I'd be going back to "bodyrock", it's gone now. I repeat, we are all entitled to our own opinions!

If it's not apparent, Lisa got a Boob job and it now sporting lengthy extensions. The change has completely caused friction between B.Rock FB fans. Some people like it, a lot of people don't. 

Here was my response on FB to the (2nd) picture:

"Your transformation is a contradiction to what I thought stood for...granted I do prefer Zuzana, the one thing I did admire about you was your naturalness..I thought "no she doesn't have big boobs or long hair but she's repin' for the girls who don't..she's braking the cookie cutter image" you're just falling in line with everyone else...Do you realize that now plenty of people feel like despite all the "bodyrocking" they've been doing, the only way they can really be fit if they had long hair and huge fake tits...(Lol stay home and workout so you can save money to "beautify" yourself) I'm starting to feel like what's the point of all the hard work if at the end of the day you still have to go out and buy silicon and hair to make your self satisfied and complete..But hey..if that's what you wanted then round of applause "Cookie" :) If this is what it took to finally make yourself feel complete then good for you. I thought this was a place to inspire people..I wonder how many people saw this and now think less of themselves because even though they've been working their asses they can't afford fake boobs or hair extensions so it's all useless...and for all you's called a "social network" for a reason! We all are entitles to our own opinions...duh."

I repeat, we are all entitled to our own opinions!

I think this lady said it best though:

Vanessa Sykes You use to watch this site inspired by something that was achievable naturally and with hard work. Its sad to know that Lisa is a role model for many women young and old, the message she is sending now is not a very good one in my opinion.
22 hours ago ·  ·  20

Some of you all may find this a little hypocritical of me since every now and then I'll rock a weave myself. But I think I'm more upset about the implants. As a woman about to enter the fitness model empire I will say that I have tolerance for fake tatas...but that's not something I'm really interested in for myself. I believe in hard work and self satisfaction, especially when it comes to your body. Shouldn't need this stuff to feel beautiful. By truly accepting the raw image of you...that's truly loving yourself...

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