Friday, April 15, 2011

Mission complete!

Today I completed my camera editing class :) I have to say it was a really great experience. I have had experience editing videos before because of my natural hair youtube channel but this was class definitely broadened my horizons. This was the first time I got the opportunity to use really professional equipment and editing programs so that was pretty cool. I can't lie, I kinda loved running around campus with this huge camera too LoL. It definitely didn't go unnoticed and it wasn't unusual for random people to try and run up in a shot...Nevertheless, I'm glad I decided to take the class. Here's the final piece of's not much but understand this is coming from a  PR major LoL, regardless it still has me considering changing my major again ;)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

Ok soooo for the past three months I've been having this [pointless] debate with a good friend of mines about cheating. 
This person (who we'll call friend) feels that when you're in a relationship with someone it is ok to cheat within the first few months of the relationship. Friend feels that they shouldn't have to commit to the person they're in a relationship with until about month six. In other's ok to sleep around for the first few months until they are completely sure that this is the person they want to be in a relationship with. Moreover, friend feels this is appropriate behavior because friend is not married to this person.

I feel that friend is absolutely wrong. I feel that once you have decided to be in a relationship then you have committed your self to just that person. No cheating allowed sleeping around...From the time you have decided that this is the person you want to be should stop with the single crap. Just because you have committed to this person doesn't mean that you have to carry out "marriage" behavior. The major difference between being in a relationship with someone and actually marrying someone is that marriage is forever. (Or at least that's what it’s supposed to be before society started making divorce ok). When you're in a relationship with someone (especially if you have the urge to be with someone emotionally and sexually) you can just bounce. No strings attached. ( needless to say I don't believe in cheating..If I don't want to be with your a** I'm gonna leave you..duh :) )

Cheating is wrong, no matter how early or late you do it in a relationship. And if you do it early in the relationship then you shouldn't even be in the relationship in the first place because obviously you're not ready to be in a relationship. Basically you're just f-ing up the foundation of your relationship which is why often times there's a lack of trust. 

Moreover!! If you're unsure about committing yourself to the person you're in a relationship with then why are you even in a relationship with them in the first place??( Granted it takes a while to REALLY get to know someone..and trust doesn't just happen over night. But there has to be some sort of dedication..some sort of commitment to that person..right?) That's the whole purpose of getting to know someone prior to going out with them (Too many of us do this too...then we complain about all the time that we've wasted after we get tired of making excuses for our "significant other"). I'm not saying take FOREVER to get to know someone...but don't talk to them for a week and then go out with them the next...especially of you're looking for something serious...(Ugh this is so elementary!!)

Now I could be completely wrong!! But I'm feeling pretty right :) But if I'm wrong yall let me know!!
Ladies and Fellas...ESPECIALLY THE FELLAS...chime in and help friend...

Be honest...don't hold back!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Natural Hair Update

We all get there eventually....Lately I've been feeling like my hair isn't growing :( I've been taking care of my curly fairly well so I don't understand what's going on. I will confess that during the winter my routine did change up a bit for the simple fact that it was cold outside and I'm not going to run around with wet hair; so I wouldn't wash is eeeeevery week but every two or three weeks. And even though I may not have been so attentive to my hair it was semi ok because I balanced it out with protective styles. 

So once I came to this realization I did what I always to...reference to pictures and I came across these, compared them, and then started to feel a little bit better =)

March 2010- February 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anti-World Star Hip-Hop

If I can be completely frank and blunt...What idiot created this website? No seriously?? 

I feel like black people already carry the stigma of so why would we need something like this to make it even harder for us to accumulate a more positive reputation? I mean think about...Have you heard of any other race that has a website dedicated to make them look like fools?

It's sad...It's just really sad because we'll sit there and support this kind of non-sense from people fighting in public to people twit picing the most ridiculous fashions. How can we expect to gain respect from other races when we can't even respect ourselves? Please do better people! Because you're making it harder for people who are trying to shed positive light on African-Americans. 

I Heart Spring Break!: Key West, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica!

Yes! Spring is here! It's the season for pretty pastels, beautiful blossoms and of course VACATION! While most of my colleagues took the typical trip to Panama city for Spring Break I had the luxury of going on a cruise! Now the only reason I semi feel the need to brag about this is because while many people thought they couldn't afford to take a trip like this...they really could! 

It's an unfortunate phenomenon that seems to happen every semester: Students get there refund check or "net check" and BLOW IT on all kinds of ridiculousness. Some people go straight to the mall, some people go to the club every weekend, WHATEVER! NOT ME!

Traveling is something that I have become extremely passionate about; especially international travel. My Family was fortunate enough to be able to expose me to it, so it was no surprise that I would end up loving it! This years destination(S): Key West, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica!

It was definitely a wonderful experience! From snorkeling with 4ft Tarpons (fish) to climbing the beautiful Dunns Riverfalls, international travel is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience! So before you go blowing that check, make the vision, plan ahead and go through with it! I see a safari, Congo drums and Pyramids in my you?

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm on a "Self Improvement" Diet

Forgive me! I know it's been a while!!

To be honest, for the past few months I’ve actually been soul searching and trying to figure out how to better prioritize my life! As I’ve been approaching the last few months of my sophomore year a lot of things have been coming into prospective. As time flies I’ve been figuring out a lot about myself and in doing so I can’t help but envision my future.

The beautiful thing about college is you’re surrounded by so many windows of opportunity. You’re surrounded by so much inspiration; and not only that…You’re surrounded by motivated individuals who, just like you, are trying to create a better future for themselves!

With all that being said, last semester as I began to settle into my major (PR) I was a little concerned. It seemed like everyone around me was so ahead of me, which initially, made me a little anxious to get a head. So in this endeavor to “get ahead” (or at least catch up with everyone else) I started seeking out interns, clubs/organizations, and classes to better myself for the ultimate competition…getting a job duh!!

In doing so, I came across an awesome opportunity (at least for my area of study); a camera editing training. I look forward to learning the necessary skills of camera editing and eventually earning a certificate to not only pass one of my required classes, but also to have something pretty snazzy to put on my resume.

As of now (as in the first day) the class seems relatively interesting. Blogging is one of the assignments we are required to do in order to pass the class, along with creating a production package.

I guess one of the more exciting things about the class is that it’s actually taught by college students so hopefully I won’t have to press snooze control. They may even understand that homework should have some type of significance beyond keeping students busy from other important things in life…like blogging J
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