Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Water Challenge

This week I've been challenging myself to drink more water. A lot of my friends think this shouldn't be hard because I don't really drink anything else. On a daily basis I usually just drink hot tea (breakfast) and water for the rest of the day. I cut out soda way back in high school as an attempt to help get rid of acne, but that's another story (Fashionista Friday?). The only time I really buy juice is if I'm eating out. Somehow I've managed to subconsciously cut it out of my diet? 

Anywho, this challenged has been called to session after on of my friends frightened me about the damages of using protein without drinking enough water. I can't remember his exactly words but basically after taking protein he noticed an increase in blood pressure and it started to mess with his kidneys. 

First an foremost, I think we all know my now that I'm not a doctor so for serious and factual info you should probably refer to your personal physician :) Kay so know that we've gotten that out the way! 

I've personally decided to do this challenge because I personally don't feel like I'm taking in enough water daily. I'd usually only drink tea before my workouts and then I noticed that during my workouts I wouldn't even go through my whole liter of water (which I use to do). After working out I'd only drink my protein shake and run off to class. Between classes, lunch and dinner I would probably only drink another liter and a half of water.

The challenge I've made for myself:
  • Drink 24oz of water with my breakfast before working out (in addition to my hot tea)
  • Drink 1 liter drinking my workout
  • Drink 24oz after workout/ after protein shake
  • Drink 24oz with lunch/ dinner
  • Drink 1 liter between dinner and lunch
  • Drink 24oz before bed   
 I'm looking for this to improve my recovery, help with cravings, help with the appearance of skin, and balance out my protein intake! 

If you feel as though your water intake isn't sufficient, you are more than welcome to join the challenge!

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