Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Protein Pancakes: An Introduction

Round one:

They looked ok 0_o   ?

As much as I don't want to admit it...this first attempt was an epic fail. *lowers head* I just jacked up Theresa's original recipe LoL but I'm a women who doesn't waste so these did get eaten! 
I really don't even want to share what went wrong but in a sense I feel obligated to keep things real with you all *lowers head again*... 

I only use 4 egg whites and after adding everything in (I only did the oats, eggs, protein, baking powder and cinnamon) things were still watery and I was out of eggs soooo I threw in the yolks...still I threw in some more oats. Once the mixture actually got..pancakey I tossed it in the skillet and although things were looking great...they weren't tasting great...thoughts for next time...

1. Stick to the recipe! I'm going to go ahead and buy a carton of egg whites so I won't have to worry about wasting.
2. The next batch of protein I buy will be vanilla again...don't thing chocolate and peanut putter pancakes is where it's at :-/
3. [kinda goes with #1] These things were soooooo dense! they were like cardboard! I'm guessing this is because I opted out of the cottage cheese? I'm not really a fan of it but if it will make this bad boys lighter! That would be a blessing!

They were pretty filling though! I exchanged my usual breakfast toast for
one pancake and I was super full but not as guilty because I was pretty much all oats. 

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