Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I worked out twice today :)

This morning I did legs and this evening I went rock climbing [Actually I'm in the rock climbing club]. Nerdy? eh...who cares?

Peep the arms trying to bulk up a little yall!! LoL

WARNING! Another HBCU rant: How am I in a rock climbing club AT an HBCU but I'm one of the only black women in the club? The guys are holding it down, but still the majority of the members (at least that I see when I go) aren't black?! Astonished MUCH! Two or three are whites and today and guy of Indian decent joined. Do you see why "Girlmetoo" is so important to me? I gotta hold it down for the sisters!

Don't be afraid to try things you've never done before, or your not accustom to, or your peers may think your a little strange for doing. I strive to do these things [that are strangely enough considered "foreign" to black people] not only to break boundaries, but because usually these things are actually activities I'm pretty passionate about!

Strive to be different, unique!

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