Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lunch today!

It was HORRIBLE trying to find a healthy lunch on campus today. First of all, it's Wednesday. Universally ( least on my campus) this means the traditional "Fried Chicken Wednesday". This is like a friggin holiday at my school -___-..however, not exactly the clean way to go. Ironically enough, even though I could smell the grease boiling a mile away, I was totally craving a salad! Long story short there was completely no access to a decent salad anywhere on campus -____- UGH! I was sooo pissed. Sure, the few cafes on campus did have chicken ceasar salads but 1. between the watery iceberg lettuce and the dressing that's not really the"healthy" direction I was trying to go in and 2. The friggin credit card machines were down -__________- wth!?!?

So me and one of my girls had to trek our little butts to a local organic grocery store for lunch today but it was sooooo worth it! Check out what I got :)

1.Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, carrots, almonds, feta cheese and croutons
2. All natural veggie soup
3. Vegan brownie #cheat of the week lol

I don't understand why on a HBCU it has to be so difficult to access healthy food? In the midst of our trek I even thought of the fact that these aren't any places on campus where students can even grab a piece of fresh fruit?! Sure in the book store they have those canned fruits that are sugared up and full of sodium. Yes they do have some peanuts and they've even started selling Naked; but it's definitely gonna cost you an arm, and a leg..hell, a few fingers for that matter.Nevertheless, it's completely unnecessary!

How are we having all these seminars and informationals about increasing the health of blacks in America when we can't even access decent food on our own campuses!? 

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