Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eating Clean

Lean ground turkey with  [green, red & yellow]
 bell peppers, onions & garlic;
 rice and brussell sprouts
onions and 
You can learn more about eating clean on Theresa's tumblr . Why am I focusing on eating clean? I like it because it gives me a since of balance and organization with my foods. Of course there's the obvious, that its the healthier choice; but I already eat pretty healthy. The "clean" diet seems a little more strict which I hope in turn will lead to achieving even better physical goals (bigger muscles faster).

Here's what I made for din din tonight...I'm hoping this will last me until Thursday or Friday.

My weaknesses:

  • It can be challenging for me to eat every 2-3 hours (most of the time I'm just not hungry.
  • Portions: With main dishes I'm getting a lot better, but with I tend to over indulge which is why my "snacks" are usually healthy and low cal (carrots). I don't even buy the other mess. 
  • Variety. I'm pretty sure I'll get past this soon.Sometimes my dishes can be a little rhetorical, and even though I'm only cooking for me and I like what I cook, sometimes I'd like to switch it up a bit.  
What changes are you making with your diet this year? 

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