Monday, February 13, 2012

My Kitchen's on Fire!!

So this is actually about 4 days late 0_o...There were too many other things on my mind obviously lol bit here's another great almost clean meal :) 

This will officially be the last bag of white rice I buy for a while since I found the whole wheat section in Big Lots! Will share later! 

I the veggie of the week is brussel sprouts >=( ew right? Actually not so much! Yes world, yes...I actually like  them. I thought they'd be like baby cabbages but they're pretty earthy...they even remind me of broccoli and anyone who really knows me knows I loooove broccoli :)

I marinated the lean chicken breast over night in 1 tbsp of curry, 1 tbsp cayenne, juice from a whole lime, about a tbsp of soy sauce, pepper, and a few shakes of hot sauce...

Warning: If you do these measurements make sure you use 4 chicken breast..not 2 like I did! Needless to  say my chicken lit me butt on fire! It was super spicy! Good thing I like spicy food so I didn't toss it. The concept was pretty delic though! I'm sure when I use the proper amount of chicken next time it'll be peeerfecto!    

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