Wednesday, May 2, 2012

W.o.W: Summer Workouts and Dietary Supplements

My workouts have taking yet another turn this week. My campus is closed until summer classes start-- in other gym is closed as well :( so for the next 2 weeks I will be hitting the track/ outdoor stairs and doing in door workouts (a variation of squats, sit-ups and push-ups). It's actually been going really good for the past week. For the last three days I've been pretty soar so I'm excited that I'm working muscles that weren't getting as much attention in the gym.

In other news I've started a supplement called Tone which is purchased at Complete Nutrition. The ONLY reason I went there was because my roommate gave me her gift card (She's not really into the whole fitness thing). If you all don't know by now I'm a very loyal Vitamin Shoppe customer lol so I wasn't excited about going there but hey...give me a gift card and I'll check it out.

I wanted to at least like it...The products...COMPLETELY over priced! I'm sitting here complaining about how syntha six has gone up from $25 to $40 at Vitamin Shoppe; the same 2lb jar costs $49.99 at CN!? No. Ma'am.

While I was hoping to not spend anymore than a gift certificate, what I wanted cost $49.99 as well -____-. So I ended up spending $30 *double womp* -___-. Can't make any promises that I'll be going back there. I just dont have it in me. If Tone turns up to be as hyped up as the sales associate said it is then I may consider. But there are other options! Cheaper options!

Tomorrow will make a week that I've been on it and I will say that I do see a little bit of a change. My abs are poppin! But Idk If I can give all the credit to the supplement because of my change in workouts. We'll see where I'm at in a month!

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