Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spontaneous Saturdays: Major updates...

Let the countdown begin...
Day 35

Where have I been? This time..I actually can't blame DELLvin. With in the last week a LOT has been going on...For starters, I finally found my personal trainer for my fitness competition! Yay! Funny part is..He was right there all along! I knew Brian at the Nutritionist for our on campus gym and also because he's one of the instructors for the rock climbing club. This man is literally all over the place!

Recently I was offered my second internship with an upcoming clothing line and guess who just so happens to be the co-founder? The conversation had sparked up after I asked him if he knew anyone in the area who specialized in competition training. I've been training to the extreme since then (Monday). Tomorrow is suppose to be my day of rest but I think I'm still at least going to go walking. Today we attached FSU's stadium running up and down the bleachers from top to bottom and then followed up with some laps. Yes, I'm pooped! But super excited that I found a coach that pushes me, motivates me, and takes me seriously.

Other than training school has kicked back in. As far as the first part of the summer I only have one class which is great since I really need a good amount of time to workout. (Literally...I've been doing two a days and even yesterday I was in the gym for 2.5 hrs non-stop!)

march 2012
may 2012

If I don't feel the soreness today, I'm more than sure it will hit me tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that! By the way..did I mention that Brian declared today the last day to cheat?!...Things are about to get really serious!

Stay tuned yall! And please bare with me!

Don't forget to request scholarships/ internships for tomorrow!


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