Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivational Mondays: Support Circles

With in the last week I can not tell you how many people I have met that have made me feel important, inspired and motivated! Surrounding your self with positive people and especially like-minded people is soooo important and can benefit you in sooo many ways.

My experiences with in the last week:

Last Monday was the first meeting of my internship for Fit By You [sports apparel...more info coming soon]. This was initially when I found out that Brian had experience training fitness models and in turn would help me prep for competition.

The following day when I went to the gym Brian was there training to other girls. They all invited me to do cardio at the stadium Saturday morning. As a result, I found out that they too were not only interested in competing, but also enjoyed going to the same local healthy/organic/vegan restaurants and grocery stores that I do! Yaay! Shopping/ lunch buddies other then my bumish friends who refuse to set a foot in these places!

Thursday I did a photo shoot for an upcoming natural hair t-shirt line. I had met these wonderful women through a group that I am in on Facebook. Between snapping pix and chatting about hair of course other topics came up about health and eating and just like that I had a lunch date with someone else with similar interests.

So how can you build your support circle and find like-minded people? 

  • Follow your instinct. If there's something that you love to do, DO IT! Don't worry about whether it's necessarily acceptable to the people you hang out with. 
  • Put yourself out there! By going to events that cater to your hobbies or interest (even if you have to go alone) your bound to run into someone just like you.
  • Share! Facebook it, twit pic it, blog it, do what ever you have to do to make people aware of what you're into. Not only will this increase the likely hood of running into people who you didn't even know were interested in the same thing, you may peak someone else's interest and inspire them. 

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