Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thriller Thursdays: I got a bike :)

Yaaaay! Soooo excited! Yes, I got a bike! I have one back at home at my mom's house but it never seemed to make it's way up here. It's HORRIBLE not having a car :( but with gas prices constantly on the rise (and all the issues I see my friends having with their cars) I would rather not have a car right now anyways. At times it can be EXTREMELY inconvenient but I take the bad with the good...

Lucy for me, the city I live in is very eco-friendly. There's literally tree huggers, nature freaks, and health nuts everywhere and go figure..I just so happen to be on of them. Biking seems to be the thing here as well. I'm sure it not only has to do with all the mother earthy people but also the fact that this is a college town.

I've been trying to figure out how to jump on the bandwagon! On Monday we discussed the power of having a strong support circle (in turn, a strong network) the same girl I had lunch with not only hosted the photoshoot I was in, gave me that huge tub of protein powder, AND told me about this new biking club on our campus!

The club is a leadership club that is suppose to encourage more students to be more active. So get this. They provide the bike which means it's free (I was sold right there! Seriously! lol). Then you get to write in a journal (that they provide $free) about your biking trips. THEN, you get paid monthly!?!?!? Where the heck have I been?!

I'm too excited to share my new adventures with you! I'm gonna look so cute riding from the Farmer's Market with all my groceries :) lol

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