Friday, March 16, 2012

Post Cruise Detox

Ok ladies...I'm ready to come clean...figuratively and literally...

After the cruise I took last week I brought hope new insights, nifty souvenirs, lots of wine! oh yea...and five extra pounds. Now..before you all break off into why I shouldn't be overreacting because I only weigh an oz anyways -___- here my plea...

I have no problem with gaining weight. The fact that I gained 5lbs in one week is what has me worried. Now i'm no expert, but I believe weight gain and weight loss should be I believe that if weight is loss or gained too fast, than it can be unhealthy and in some cases even dangerous. So that's more so why I am a little on edge. 

Moreover, let's not forget my aspiration to be a fitness model! Earlier this week, when I made this discovery, I was convinced that the new additions were waste so I got in the mindset ready to shed. I wanted my method of detox to be natural and light [after all I just wanted to shake those 5lbs]. I opted for prune juice (brand in picture above) and dedicated this week to strictly vegetarian meals. Things were going great!  My system began.."cleaning itself out", I felt more energetic, it was going great.

It's now Friday, and despite hopping on the scale with grade aspirations, the pounds haven't budged! W.T.F!? LoL...Then the thought came to mind that it could be muscle weight? After all I did keep up my protein on the ship, and I did manage to squeeze in 3 or 4 workouts while sailing. 

I chatted with my aunt, who's a bit of a health fanatic herself, and she explained that a lot of the crap I was eating still may be in my system...I'm not exactly sure what the case is or even where the pounds could have went. I'm not worked up about it, more so curious. I will extend vegetarian week into next week (because apparently I went overboard on groceries) and resume my regular eating habits the following week.  

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