Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Girlmetoo's getting a mini makeover!

     I've been feeling like I haven't been balancing the blogs content very well. Sometimes I can go on for days discussing food and nutrition, but when was the last time I discussed fashion or even MY hair? So to ensure that everything gets covered and as an attempt to balance things out I'll be doing a little reconstruction that I hope you all will find a lot more favorable {and it goes a little something like this *scratches record*}

     I've split all of the topics and pillars Girlmetoo was build on into different days of the week that will go as followed:

  • Scholarship Sundays- A day dedicated to learning whether your still in school or not!
  • Motivational Mondays- Get your week started off the right way
  • Tasty Tuesdays- Will feature different recipes and what I'm up to culinary-wise
  • Workout Wednesdays- It's all about fitness baby!
  • Thriller Thursdays- Seek adventure whether your destination is in the Caribbean, or right in your backyard
  • Fashionista Fridays- Fashion favorites from natural hair to outfits of the day
  • Spontaneous Saturdays- You all know I love randoms: My idols, A man to love, etc

Enjoy! I love feed back!  

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