Monday, August 16, 2010

I Smell a Natural Hair Movement!

     About a year and a half ago when I announced to my world that I was going natural everybody thought I had lost my mind! Therefore, I can't help BUT get excited every time I spot a freshly chopped TWA (teeny weeny afro) on campus! Over the past year it seems like natural hair has taken communities by storm and I'm very curious to know why! Even though I am apart of this phenomenon I know that I decided to go natural for my own personal reasons (When i went natural no one else seemed interested. As a matter of fact when I was growing my hair out, everyone else seemed to be sewing hair in!). So what exactly is it now that's making a lot of ladies stray away from the straight and curve more towards the curls? Is it just a trend that will die out in about a year? Or are black women finally embrassing their true God given identities? (below: my natural hair)

Uh oh! Do I smell a mini Doc coming on? LoL! We'll definitely be getting more into the natural word because I'm crazy interested! Can I get a girl me too?

P.S. Are you natural, transitioning, or thinking about going natural? Check out my YouTube channel full of my natural hair story, style ideas, and hair care tips!!

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