Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started College

1. Money Really DOES NOT Grow on Trees
They say it's all apart of college but I for one have grown completely allergic to Ramon Noodles binges! I had my fair share of sprees my freshmen year. The sad part is I don't even remember where my money was going! Before I knew it the first semester was over, my pockets were empty and I owed the university A LOT of money! My advice: create a strict budget and STICK TO IT! Don't get caught up in the latest trends, frequent restaurant visits and weekly parties. And if your lucky enough to get a refund check save it or spend it wisely =)

2. A Roommate Can Literally Just be a "Roommate".
Before I moved on campus I had this huge fantasy that me and my roommate would at least be good friends. I had managed to find her on Myspace; we chatted frequently, and even coordinated room decor about a month before school started. We didn't make it through the first two months of our first semester without damn near hating each other! I'll just say our personalities weren't compatible. On the other hand I do know quite a few people who managed to become best friends with their roomie. Some even went far enough to sign apartment leases with each other for the following year. My advice: keep an open mind, be understanding, and be able to compromise.

3. I'm Not Superwoman
College has a bazillion doors of opportunities for any and everyone. Within a month of my freshmen year I had decided I wanted to do everything! Modeling troupes, pageants, organizations, dance teams, EVERYTHING! I was scared that college would past me by just as fast as high school did. Needless to say I started to spread myself too thin and it started to reflect in my grades. My advice: Get and keep your priorities in check! Remember, the whole reason your in college is to create the blueprint for your career. It sucks but it's reality, if your major has nothing to do with modeling or dance then don't risk your grades.

4. Assertion and Persistence is the Key to Success
I attend a school that doesn't hesitate to give students the run-around, especially when the parents leave! I had to learn that if I wanted to get things done promptly, then I would have to come out of my timid shell and start demanding things! (You'll hear me often say I had to "act my color"). My advice: Important!!: Remember YOU are the one paying them thousands of dollars a SEMESTER! nuff said...

5."Boys will be Boys"
I don't know why I thought that when I got to college boys would be drastically more mature but for the most part...there not lol! You'll still find your fair share of video gamers, food guzzlers, sports junkies and yes ladies, players. The important thing is to keep your guard up at all times. You may not face the same pick up lines from your hometown but no matter where they're from, a lot of guys have the same agenda. Now I'm not going to bash all guys because college is also the meeting grounds for a lot of successful relationships that in time leads to marriage. My advice:  Don't let anything come between you and that degree! Don't rush into anything. Let things kind of unfold with time.

6. Have a Balanced Diet
This doesn't just refer to the freshmen 15 ( Which we'll discuss more in dept later). This more so piggy backs off of number 3. Time management is imperative! You may want to put your "Work hard, play harder" mentality to rest until after finals.

7. Friends Come and Go and Come Again
If you didn't experience it in high school than prepare for a rude awakening! I experienced it myself and and watch others experience it too. It's completely normal. College is a time for self exploration and it's not that your bestie isn't down for the long haul, she or he just may want to take a different route. The person that you and/or your friend turns into may not be compatible with each other. My advice:  Let nature take it's course. If you fight it you could be holding each other back. If a split does happen, don't stay in a somber too long! College is full of people from everywhere! You won't believe how many "yous" are actually running around campus!

8. If You Were the "Ish" in High School, There's no Guarantee You'll be the "Ish" in College
hhhhmmmm so many examples I've witnessed! lol There was a girl I went to HS with who thought she was the Wu Tang Queen!! She held her head pretty high all the way up to college. They had a Woo Tang Contest at a social event on campus and it didn't surprise me that she participate. She battled another girl and the crowd was going CRAZY! She did a good job but I could tell her ego was a little crushed because the other girl KILLED it! My advice: Remember that college is a brand new place with people (in most cases) from all over the world! Everybody starts on an even playing field. Just because you were the thickest girl back at home doesn't mean that there isn't a girl from around the way who won't knock you from a dime to a wooden chip. Scope out your competition before you risk throwing yourself under the bus.

This one's more for fun but I guess it's fairly important for some people who may not be aware. DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT once again DO NOT BREAK FRAT/ SORO lines!! Don't even stand near them! lol! if you see them coming towards you move the hell out of the way!! Now I never experienced this but I've been to enough social events to know that if you dare to stand your ground you risk getting pushed, kicked, punched and so on out of the way. Now I'm not promoting violence! But you can't really get mad about it if it happens to you because in college life it's kind of common sense.

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  1. I wish I knew about the importance of finances entering college. I was not well educated enough when it came to loans..grants..scholarships etc. I just went to school and passed by. I would have picked a better major, I would have studied harder, I would have. But that is in the past now. It was a learning experience and I do not regret going. I hope these kids of this new generation read this blog it has some great points!


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