Friday, August 20, 2010

I Am MORE Than a "Female"

Maybe I'm overreacting and being a bit of a feminist ,but for the past year it's really been grinding my gears about how guys and even some girls have been casually throwing around the word "female". Have you noticed that nobody really uses it in association with something positive? It's often accompanied by a bad statement. I've never heard anyone say " I love that female" but more often I hear "I can't stand females" or "Stop acting like a female". It's almost like people are are using this F word to censor the B word.
By saying "female" a person can be referring to a dog, a hippo, or an ape; why can't people just say girl, or  woman or better yet, lady.

I've never heard a woman call a guy a "male" so where do people get off referring to us as females? 
Like we are nothing more than a gender? Ladies, stop letting men and even other women belittle you. 

We are beautiful, we are strong, we are smart and more important, we are human beings. I am more
than a female...Can I get a girl me too?

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