Friday, August 13, 2010

Forever21 Encourages Teen Pregnancy?!

     This summer I was fortunate enough to get a job at Forever21! I must admit, before working there I often strayed away because I felt like the apparel was a little over priced personally. After starring at the clothes for at least 6 hours a day my feelings changed quit a bit...their prices are actually pretty reasonable! I mean you can't beat $9.50 jeans! Nevertheless I enjoyed working with individuals that where in my age group and the friendly employee discounts; however, the company's latest controversy has been everything but appealing to me. News stations and local papers have been flying off the wall about the trendy store's latest line geared towards pregnant women; claiming that it encourages teen pregnancy.

     Now maybe I'm a little bias because of my work experience there, but I honestly think this is ridiculous! First, working at Forever21 completely opened my eyes to the fact that EVERYBODY shops there!! It really is a store that caters to everyone from preteens to middle-aged woman and older. I'd also like to include the fact that Forever21 has a children's line for both girls AND boys(HTG81), a plus-sized line (Faith), AND they've recently came out with a line for men (21Men). I don't remember anyone claiming that a line for children would take away children's childhoods nor that it would be inappropriate for certain trends to be sold to women with extra curves so why should it be any different in this case? MOREOVER it's not even being sold in certain states! So why are people starting such an uproar when it won't even apply to their regions? Come on media...get your facts straight =)....

Preggers have a right to fashionable clothes too! I support Forever21's innovative business decision! Can I get a "Girl me too!"??
HTG81 (children)
Faith (plus size)

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