Monday, September 17, 2012

The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

It's time for a little #Motivational Mondays!

I'm about 5 weeks out from my next competition and one of the most things I'm grateful that I have now (compared to my first competition) is a strong support circle. Granted I did have quite the circle before, now my support system has grown bigger, and a little bit closer to home. This is especially because I've found more people that share goals similar to mines right on campus! 

My closest companion has been Khadijah Johnson (above). She witness me prepping for my first competition and although she was hesitant at first, I talked her on to the bandwagon! She'll be participating in the same competition that I'll be doing 5 weeks from now as well. 

Working with Khadijah is great! It's amazing how we balance each other off SOOOO well. Prime example, Khadijah is really eager to compete in the Bikini division, but she has the muscle mass for Figure. I'm DESPERATELY trying to get to Figure, but my body type is more for Bikini. While Khadijah's strength is more so into creating a strong workout regimen, I tend to focus more on diet and nutrition. Khadijah loves weight training, I'm obsessed with cardio. Together, we are the dynamic duo.

Yesterday we were at a fitness event sponsored by Fit By You and another competitor and I were discussing how lonely and isolated competing can make you feel. It took me back to my first competition when I went through a slight phase of depression because I was a little lonely. 

At the time, I didn't know anyone else in my area who was competing. I'd spend so much time in the gym that I really lost out on time to hang out with friends. My social life crumbled because I was on a strict diet that didn't have room for cocktail hours, pizza pie eating contest and taco Tuesdays. I went from dancing in the club until 2 in the morning to being in bed by 10p.m. at the latest. 

Competition life completely flipped my world upside down! So when I did start finding people who shared the same interest I was overjoyed! Although Khadijah and I have only known each other since about April/May we've become so close to each other, people assume we've known each other for YEARS! She completely understands that three hours gym days do exist, and late night cocktails can be the enemy! We completely bounce off each other's energy and motivate each other on a DAILY BASES! And then, there's always the healthy competition aspect of having each other. We're always trying to one up each other lol! Who's has the best traps or abs, who's going to lift the most today doing squats...

I say all this to say, there is power in surrounding yourself with not only positive people, but people who share your same interests and values. This can include prepping for fitness model competitions, if your just  trying to lose some extra pounds, or even start a new hobby! Sometimes the road does get lonely, but once you step out and actually pursue whatever it is you want to do, it won't be long until you find your other half ( or quaters!) that will be right there with you along the way!

Here are a few (of many!) in my fitness circle! Start building yours! 


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