Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Miley Cyrus did to black women at the VMAs

Her Performance:

But I'm sure you already saw that. As an African-American woman, I don't find being rachet or overly sexualized "cool" in any manner. There are so many women like myself out there trying to break the stereotype that black women are more than overly sexualized object. And now we have good ol' Miley Cyrus trying to make twerking the -_-. So body should have pulled the curtain when she stepped out the limo...If that wasn't modern day minstrelsy then I don't know what is...

The highlight for me was Ms. Rihanna's face during the performance....

So many potential captions, so little little time. Honestly I would have been more interesting in seeing Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith's reaction. I'm anticipating words of wisdom from that camp pretty soon...I hope.

What peaked my interest today was this article. Here's a little snap shot that I believe hits the nail right on the head. Shout out the the author, because I've really been waiting for someone to address then because initially I thought it was just me...but of course not...

But seriously...who really put her up to this performance and gave her the stamp of approval!? Even if we take out the idea that this was pretty much racist, it was just an over all distasteful performance. Her awkward, long legged, gangster bob was just not doing it for me -_-. I've seen far too many facebook posts saying that Miley's on some HARD drugs. I'm just utterly embarrassed.. Do better Miley...for Rih Rih sake *looks at picture again* smh


  1. Great post! I am over this new trend of being ratchet and how they are making a mockery of urban culture. Miley did not even know who Jayz was a few years ago. She isn't being herself at all. Hopefully she gets herself together.

    Loving your blog. Check mines out.

  2. It's it funny how ratchet is "ratchet" when black people do it, but when other people do it, it becomes a trend? HA I'm boggled! Forever21 is even selling hats and shirt with the word "ratchet" on it??? Hello world, being ratchet is not cool -_-


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